KBN POLL – Do you agree with President Trump’s new stance regarding guns?

The gun control debate comes up every time there is a mass shooting in America. People on both sides of the issue, plaster their Facebook walls with either pro-gun or against gun propaganda, then it all just kind of fades away.

Presidents over the past few decades have taken a partisan-based stance on gun control, but President Trump seems to want to make a compromise with the other side of the aisle. Is this a good idea? Will even tighter gun control be pushed for if these compromises are made?

Here is a recent tweet from President Trump…

I will be strongly pushing Comprehensive Background Checks with an emphasis on Mental Health. Raise age to 21 and end sale of Bump Stocks! Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue – I hope!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 22, 2018

Ok, Kerrville. What is your stance on this? Do you believe that this is a good idea?

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Author: Mike Taylor

Mike is the President of Golden Hills Marketing LLC. He's also a Broadcast Center Graduate from St. Louis, MO. Mike moved to Texas in 2011, the day he graduated broadcasting school and has worked in radio (Ranch Radio Group, Revolution Broadcasting, Cox Media Group, Taylor Broadcasting) until recently venturing into the local news world. Mike works tirelessly with the rest of the KBN staff to keep the community informed and involved with local, late-breaking news. Feel free to send him an email at mike@kerrvillebreakingnews.com with any news topic that you feel deserves attention.