Bill Blackburn files to officially run for mayor

Bill Blackburn launched his campaign for mayor last month, and yesterday, he officially filed to run for mayor. Here is a direct quote from his Facebook page.

“I am officially and legally a candidate for office of Mayor of Kerrville. Although I had announced that I was running for Mayor in early January, I had to get 100 names of registered voters in Kerrville. Today we presented over 300 signatures! So Deputy City Secretary Cheryl Brown swore me in according to the Texas Ethics Commission, and I swore to abide by principles of a fair election. Oh, I could have avoided getting the signatures and just paid $100 to get on the ballot. But that does not seem very democratic.”

In a statement to Kerrville Breaking News this morning, Bill Blackburn had this to say:

“Mike, here are my basic reasons for running for Mayor.

Deana and I have lived here for almost thirty four years, and we love this community. We raised our two child here, and we have both been involved in community service for all of these years.

Positive, forward leadership in Kerrville is needed at this time.

I believe Kerrville is at critical juncture as seen in the growth we will almost certainly see. In light of that we need to do very good planning and implementation so that we protect the water resources and the natural beauty of the area while preserving our history and the small town feel.

I think the City’s Comprehensive Plan will be huge as a road map for the future.

Some of the things I want to focus on are the following:

• a fiscally conservative approach

• more opportunities for young people

• affordable housing

• a strong business climate including a business incubator

• bringing people together to solve problems and seize opportunities

Finally, I want to work with the City Council and the City Manager as a team where there is a spirit of unity even when there are differences.

Bill Blackburn”

The election is May 5th, 2018, and Bill Blackburn is set to run against incumbent Bonnie White. You can find out more information about candidate Bill Blackburn on his website.

Author: Mike Taylor

Mike is the President of Golden Hills Marketing LLC. He's also a Broadcast Center Graduate from St. Louis, MO. Mike moved to Texas in 2011, the day he graduated broadcasting school and has worked in radio (Ranch Radio Group, Revolution Broadcasting, Cox Media Group, Taylor Broadcasting) until recently venturing into the local news world. Mike works tirelessly with the rest of the KBN staff to keep the community informed and involved with local, late-breaking news. Feel free to send him an email at with any news topic that you feel deserves attention.

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